Where do we start

This question is often asked by people during their initial enquiry.

If a prospective client has no plans and specifications prepared, the procedure would be as follows:

  • We would establish your needs and situation with a view to giving an approximate indicative cost, then, follow up with a site visit to view and discuss the options with you.
  • In many cases, a budget estimate, based on the initial site visit can be prepared, then, if satisfactory, design sketches or working drawings and specifications will be prepared for you by our building designer.
  • When we have all the properly detailed building information, we will prepare a quotation, the building approval process can then be commenced.
  • The acceptance of the quotation is formalised with properly completed Master Builders Association Building Schedule and Plain English Contract. We take the time to sit down with you and fully discuss the documentation. Any changes, variations, or extra requests that may arise at the time, are documented and a building time frame is discussed.
  • Let’s roll up our sleeves and get into it!